About us

Repair Shipyard Kołobrzeg DOK


            Despite the short time of activity on the market, ship’s industry situation in Poland and strong competition, our company could fully find itself in market economy realities.


           To combine tradition, which gives safety feeling with new technology, that makes us still look for new solutions, we render services with highest quality, customer’s goods treat as overriding value.


            The motto of our company is to keep our work full of thoroughness and reliability. Our clients are fully satisfied with our services and always stress our credibility and professionalism.


            Our activity is based on repairs of sea vessels at wide range of services. In one year we admit about 80 ships, mostly fishing boats from polish coast. However we have also repaired many vessels from Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Norway and Germany.


The activity of our company is based on services such as:

Slipway vessels up to 28 meters length, 8 meters breadth and weight to 220 tones

We have 4 positions for repair ships.

repair and maintenance works on ship’s hull

ND 58   MOONLIGHT II,   Bo Nielsen,   DENMARK

revises and repairs of rudder stocks
machinery works – repairs of deck’s equipment, main engines and auxiliary engines

KOŁ – 194   INA ,   Paweł Huzar,   POLAND

building and rebuilding ship’s hull

KR 191  MINDY,   Mikael  Ohlund,  SWEDEN

maintenance ship’s equipment components


Repaired ships have guarantee free of charge stay on water before sliping.

We cooperate with Hempel, Sigma Coatings and International, the world’s producers of ship’s coatings and paints. We have recommendation from these firms about apply new generation antifouling and anticorrosive paints.


Our address:


Kołobrzeska Stocznia Remontowa „DOK”

Zbigniew Haliński

ul. Stoczniowa 14b

78-100 Kołobrzeg


Tel./fax +48 (094)35 172 52

Mobile: + 48 606 290 148

E-Mail: ksr.dok@gmail.com